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eco builder byron bay natural building

​New buildings

We can design and build your new dream home or come on your journey with a eco design or concept you already have. 


We are passionate about our building history and believe there is nothing more sustainable than using what we already have & using natural materials.


 We can work with you to add that extra space required, maybe as extra rooms, the opening of living space or outdoor areas. We will walk with you on this journey.

eco builder byron bay
eco builder byron bay

Gday  My name is Adrian Medcraft

I would first like to acknowledge the traditional elders past, present and future of this, Bunjalung Country we call home. When we build on this land I believe we become a custodian and it is our duty to not just preserve the lands and waters but help the them regenerate and become healthy and abundant once more. 


I am passionate about building a regenerative future. Building in a way that is less toxic to our environment, and reduce our impact by building with more natural materials....


Green e building.

Adrian Medcraft construction

​License no:

NSW 368438C

QLD 15182960

13 castle dr.

Lennox Head, NSW



eco building byron bay

​Earthship, sustainable renovations, Natural materials, hemp, strawvail, extensions decking, treehouse, etc...