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...home should incorporate its own means to harvest food, power and water...


natural builder byron bay



My name is Adrian Medcraft.

I would first like to acknowledge the Arakwall people of this Bundjalung Nation we call home. We pay our respects to their living culture and to the Elders past, present and future. When we build on this land I believe we become a custodian and it is our duty to not just preserve the lands and waters but help them regenerate and become healthy and abundant once more. 


I am a builder who is passionate about building a regenerative future. Building a sustainable home in a way that is less toxic to our environment can reduce our impact on the planet. Natural materials are not just healthier for ourselves and our families, but for the next generation, our apprentices and tradesmen. May they not be subjected to the chemicals and toxic dusts that have affected us and the previous generations. 

I am passionate about design, and believe this is where a well built home begins. I aim to have a meaningful collaboration with the client to achieve their vision. By combining our knowledge and experience with the clients dreams, we aim to deliver a solar passive home that is energy efficient, well ventilated and does not off gas toxic fumes into our living spaces  often for years to come.


I believe that a home should incorporate its own means to harvest food, power and water; with easy accessibility from garden to kitchen for composting and foraging. I have found no greater joy in all my achievements than serving up food from our backyard, knowing there is no way I could provide my family a more healthy and nourishing meal than this.

eco builder byron bay
hempcrete home

I believe that our gardens should be native and indigenous to support our native wildlife, needing little maintenance and only natural watering.


These are only my beliefs, I would love to hear about yours. Reach out to me and let's work together to leave this place better than we found it.  


A home we can proudly pass on to our children.

Green e Building founder

Adrian Medcraft

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