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New Build

New Builds: We can design and build your new dream home, or come on your journey with a design or concept you already have. We specialise in natural materials, such as hemp, strawbale, and rammed earth and focus on using locally sourced timbers that are regeneratively forested. But as a Builder we are versed in all conventional building practices to the highest standards.


Renovations: I am passionate about our building history and believe there is nothing more sustainable than using what we already have. I love to see the beautiful and well handcraft homes of this countryside restored to their former glory. These homes were so well built and with some simple environmental design principles we can create stunning and healthy living spaces.


Extensions: Building a  family's dream home may not be something that is achievable in one foul swoop. As your family grows or it is our turn to repay our elderly for the nurture, they provided us as children. We can work with you to add that extra space required, maybe as extra rooms, the opening of living space or outdoor areas. We will walk with you on this journey.

Sustainable extension Byron Bay


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