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Brush Fence

Brush fences are great mate. Here’s why…

  • Let's think about the life cycle of a brush fence. It is grown from a seed or cutting - grows, gets harvested, reshoots, grows ..repeat. A life cycle assessment (LCA) covers these considerations.

We need to include the extraction of material, manufacture, transport, construction, product use and breaking down of the product when talking about LCA.

When the brush is made into bundles and a brush fence panel, it does its bit for 20 + years as an aesthetically pleasing fence/screen and finally over time, breaks down and is given back to the earth.

In regards to LCA, Brush fencing is looking great in this arena when comparing with the manufacturing of steel or concrete, as the energy in these materials are much higher as there are more processes involved – this is referred to as embodied energy.

It is important to the environment when considering embodied energy as the higher the energy the more transport, storage, pollution and energy is being put into that product, sometimes this does not mean it is cheaper, like aluminium for example – is relatively cheap but off the scale when embodied energy is considered.

  • Carbon sequestration is the term given when a plant stores carbon into the ground through the process of photosynthesis. In the production of brush fencing (whilst growing) it is storing carbon which is a bonus as other materials generally take not give to the environment.

  • Also when it breaks down it is giving back to the soil.

Also in the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is removed from the air and the plant releases oxygen in its place. This is crucial for life. Carbon stored like this is extremely beneficial to the environment.

There are many more benefits to brush fencing, here they are:

  • Noise reducing/ dense bundles

  • Aesthetically pleasing with natural look

  • Easy to work with

  • Fire resistant

  • Australian made / Australian grown / Native

  • Wind protection

  • Cheaper than brick

  • Breaks down

  • Renewable resource

The tree itself:

  • Protects soil

  • Regrows easily after harvest / hardy

  • Endemic to Australia


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